Here are 8 things you can do in 10 minutes (or less)
to start freeing up your time NOW.

Been meaning to get those systems set up, but too busy to even start?

Have you become the bottleneck holding back your business growth?

Are you losing touch with your own creativity and guidance while you take care of details?


Now is the perfect time to create the bandwidth

…to focus on building the system

…that gives you capacity

…to serve more people,
make more money,
and enJOY your work
while having more time for YOU!

Of course I know you’re BUSY!

My VIP clients tell me over and over that they’re hanging on by a thread. And it’s fraying. So the first step is to regroup and reclaim leaked energy so you CAN begin to get ahead of the curve.

Stop Leaking Your Energy!

Over time I’ve found themes. The 8 most common holes in your energy bucket… and given the same solutions again and again.

Set Yourself Up to Give from the Overflow

So stop wasting time hunting for things. Stop distracting yourself by rehearsing lists in your head. Stop putting up with devices being an interruption – and start using them as allies to set boundaries, take care of the details, and serve you your info as needed!

Your unique contribution in the world matters – to ALL of us! That’s why I’ve gathered the best usable guides I created for clients and want you to have them NOW. Free.

You’ll receive one ACTIONABLE TIP at a time.

  1. 10 min to digital organization so you stop wasting time looking for info you know you’ve got
  2. Zero-overhead tip to eliminate repeating your learning curve on infrequent tasks
  3. 3 step integration to centralize everything you have on someone then see it from your other tools
  4. Reclaim the 20-50% of your energy leaked into rehearsing all the tasks you need to remember
  5. 5 min tweak to clearly align your calendar with your priorities and never miss out on the fun stuff because you forgot
  6. Sweet gameboard to ensure you get the best of you at the start of your day
  7. #1 top free tool to jumpstart your efficiency and have the information that matters to YOU available instantly on any device
  8. How to create a complete ecosystem of creative focus for a few minutes or for hours