Vision Driven Strategy:
Integrating the Intellectual and Intuitive 

You’re in this for the long game.  How will you know if you’re on track?

In Phase 2 of the Purpose track, we create a vision and a strategy that support you loving your business and making your difference. And sustaining yourself. Burnout or broke — neither of those supports you or your mission.

This very unique system for strategic planning integrates intellect and intuition.

Stay on track with radical honesty and reality checks.
Face into challenges with conscious risk management.
Work WITH the development cycle so the growth unfolds naturally.

This program combines a 2-day VIP intensive (you and one key team member if applicable) where we dive into ALL of the elements of the business, make sure we’re in complete alignment with what you’re up to in the world, and how we’re going to make that happen over the coming quarters and year, and a plan to move forward to fulfill on that difference. Follow-up quarterly strategic reviews keep us aligned with your evolution, the evolution of your business, and ever-changing marketplace opportunities.

Take a stand for the wholistic picture of your business
and keep you ahead of the curve


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