The Vision and the Visionary grow together,
interdependent, symbiotic…
You can’t grow one at the expense of the other!

Visualize your business model  that supports you in loving your business, making your difference, and sustaining yourself.

The Vision and The Visionary: clarity and direction.

Here’s where you get a business layout that reflects your style, advantages and blind-spots. I’m going to ensure alignment across the board between who you are and how your business takes it to the world.

The first thing we need to do is get everything out on the table.

90 minute personal consultation during which I accurately

  • Identify your current business development stage and the specific area of tool and automation to help lift you to your next level.
  • Prioritize the top 3 places where your attention now would pay off big time in taking effective action for your business and productive peace of mind! The precise places that are worth additional time and effort to really dig in.

Chaos of me taking notes during intake

Chances are, as a transformational messenger, you have so much good you want to do in the world! You are highly creative. You’ve got more ideas than you can possibly do. If you’re like most of my clients, you have so many things going on that you’re not even sure what exactly you have and don’t have.

So I have a transformational interview process to sit down on the floor (or on zoom) and dump it all out so we can see it all in one place and be totally clear about what it is we’re actually dealing with. I ask questions guided by my unique way of looking at you and your business, and you just riff on what shows up for you. You can toss things in any order that comes up and I am follow, mapping those to the pieces I need to get your full picture.

And while we’re doing that, I’m gathering a picture of your style and preferences, who you’re showing up as in the world, what supports you and what drains you.

My magic is to put these together – who you truly are and how you can move forward sustainably – then reflect it back to you in your custom business infographic.

Variety of resulting business models

So you can SEE, in a visual format, what your pathway is. So you can take all that chaos and put it into a flow that makes sense, so we can prioritize.

When you have a step-by-step map for your business evolution, you know precisely what’s up next, where it leads, and why it matters, you can skip all the Shiny Bright Object Syndrome (time and money).


You really can’t skip forward over this. That’s where most people go wrong. They’re worried about building systems when they don’t even have a straight line to follow yet. We creative types get caught up thinking in swirls and spirals, and then don’t get to the fulfillment part.

This custom visual for your business
– marketing, monetization, and mechanics –
makes sure you have a path that actually leads
to YOUR destination, YOUR definition of success.

Without the stress, you can relax and deliver your creativity!

Not sure the best fit for you? Let’s find out!

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(That was easy, wasn’t it?!?)

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