No more need to say “I need a VA, but I don’t know what I’d have them do!” EVER!
I can’t wait to see legions of heart-based entrepreneurs receiving the support that can set them free to do more of what they love!

More efficiency, more time, more peace-of-mind, more creative mojo, more money

You’re about to take a crucial step toward growing your business to the next level of impact and income! This online course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a support team (whether it’s one VA or a team of 100) which matches your business goals and values, and gets stuff done so you can focus on your genius.

What does VA Ready in 60 Days or Less mean to you?

You’ll be D-O-N-E with…

  • Going it alone, spreading yourself thin, being the center of your business all the time
  • Cycling through VA’s who aren’t aligned with your needs and your vision
  • Playing ostrich about the whole tech systems thang
  • Lagging behind instead of staying ahead of the business-building curve

You’ll say hello to…Heart-centered processes and support people that MATCH who you are and take you where you want to be in your big-picture purpose!

Define Your Own Success

Imagine a Support Circle

  • Dedicated to your mission and the same vision you carry
  • Loves the exact kind of tasks you detest
  • Is clear on their roles, goals, and interactions
  • Keeps things going harmoniously and efficiently so your business keeps growing with minimal guidance

Freeing you to devote yourself to your unique gift, your craft, your message, your creativity, your love for your people

You get a LIFE!

VA Ready in 60 Days or Less Registration

VA Ready in 60 Days or Less Online Course

This workshop is a tried-and-tested, step-by-step approach to getting in place the systems and people you need. One bite at a time. Clear. Simple. Streamlined. Supportive. In the comfort of your home office.

You get a new lesson each week for 8 weeks, each one chockful of tools, exercises, and assignments. We meet to visualize the material, talk through it, show you how to practice using it, and answer any questions. Then you complete the assignments in your workbook before the next week, so we can smooth out any sticky spots you encounter before moving on.

PLUS All sessions are recorded, so you have this important material to refer to once you’re in the trenches of carrying your process out. This is valuable because you’re learning a “rinse-and-repeat” process that will serve you over and over again.

PLUS A private session with me (Karen) to personally review any process or tool we’ve covered that you choose. This is gold, and I know this time together will give you a huge leap toward your goals!

PLUS Hanging out with a group of like-minded people who are in the midst of their “next leap” just like you are!


Here’s what to expect to get in the course of 8 weeks of VA Ready in 60 Days or Less:

Week 1 – Quick Start & Name That Annoyance

1-reality Gift yourself some radical honesty about where you’re starting right now and where you really want to go.

Dive into the 7 Circles of Success, to know why, how, what, and when to delegate specifically in YOUR business. This new perspective
on areas of your business gives you confidence you have a thorough list of candidate processes.

Week 2 – Don’t Begin at the Beginning

1-reality A Creative’s dream: Blend intellectual and intuitive approaches to decision making. Declare your next step, with the power of knowing they’ll take you exactly where you want to go.

Week 3 – Guiding the Flow

Communicate the energy flows in your business with clarity to remove conflict.

Clouds parting – come in, Clarity! Make a visual flow diagram that defines your team relationships, matches your needs with processes, maps out roles and more, to create harmonious teamwork.

Week 4 – Q&A: You Got This!

4 - Q&A Time for your questions and hot-seat coaching to get crystal-clear on the systems you’re working with, so you’re ready for the (very real) next steps of role descriptions, advertising for candidates, interviewing, contracts, and selecting the ‘right one.’

Week 5 – Leverage with Automation


Align your software and app choices to let the computer do the work to facilitate communication while you keep an eye on security


Week 6 – Ready, Aim, Hire!


Qualify and attract your ideal partner VA, interview effectively, and build a foundational contract for your steps together.

Learn a whole new approach to making a list of VA candidate qualities that will reveal the one who’s meant for you.


Week 7 – Found In Translation

Empower your team to bring their diverse areas of expertise together in a harmonious dance

Create the recipe for smooth onboarding – bringing the new VA into your business with clear expectations and instructions, keeping a balance of results-driven delegation and entrusted empowerment.

Refine those leadership skills: How to set sound boundaries, communicate with compassion and clarity, minimize dropped balls and crises, and encourage co-creation.

Week 8 – Conversations and Celebrations

Learn how to use your new system to assess progress as you go and identify blips before they become boulders. Know how to bring people back on-track graciously, keep your team moving forward together, and CELEBRATE SUCCESS TOGETHER!

VA Ready in 60 Days or Less PILOT Registration

Karen Fritz, of Purpose-Driven Process Consulting, is fiercely committed to guiding inspirational leaders to business success that’s a helluva lot more than just “productive.” Having “graduated” from corporate management decades ago, Karen knows what it takes to run successful entrepreneurial ventures. She brings her background in psych and ancient wisdom to see each person’s unique expression of contribution, and help them create business success on their own terms – in alignment with their values and in celebration of their creative gifts. Karen is a teacher, trainer, popular keynoter, and best-selling author of Purposetivity: The Feminine Face of Productivity.