Evolutionary Leadership by Design: Purpose, Potency, Power

Phase 3 of the Purpose track is for my “wealth and wisdom” clients who know they want the inner game transformation their vision calls forth.

This in-depth coaching program uses Integral tools to design the specific capacities you’ll need to grow into, design your developmental objectives, and step through custom practices to expand your visionary and leadership qualities.

So if you are ready for guidance on stepping into the transformation being called forth AS you, learning to see your potential expressing, and leading from the emergent future, this is the place to find ancient wisdom for post-modern business world.

  • Exquisite clarity on your soul’s agenda for you in business
  • Graduated practices to transcend habits and increase your capacity and alignment
  • Meditation and mindfulness to be a clearer channel for your purpose
  • Experience more of who you truly are and express that in your leadership


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