Karen has been so much fun to work with! She listened deeply for where my business is heading, and helped me have a bigger picture of how to manage the day-to-day tasks, placing them in the context of the larger vision. She saw opportunities for growth both in how I could expand my client base, as well as how I do the logistical detail work, so that I can expand more fluidly.


I went from doing things the long way around, and being in a pattern of continuously reinventing the wheel in how I communicated and worked with clients, to stream-lining the process with templates, and with easy accessibility of information.


She has recommended so many helpful tools, and coached me in how to use them fully! I am feeling much more confident and at ease as I implement the systems she offered. She is a visionary map-maker, and as I’ve worked with her, I truly have enJOYed the ride!!

~ LK

Here at the intersection of soul expression with business we look at two parallel “tracks” of development:

  • Your purpose, both for yourself and your business strategically
  • Your business processes including marketing, monetization, and mechanics

We’re taking an ecosystem view of how your business model operates – or should – and prioritize initiatives to maximize your ROI and free your time, energy, and attention.

How is this different from a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy addresses one facet of your business – where and how you connect with potential clients. A business strategy includes that PLUS how you will

  • Deliver on your promise (monetize)
  • Develop new programs
  • Manage finances and track key performance indicators
  • Maintain all your operating systems
  • Intentionally develop your (and your team) capabilities and capacity

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The Vision and The Visionary : What business model is the best fit for me?
Soulution Archtecture : What tools should I use and how do I actually build that?
Purpose Driven Process : Just build it for me and get it done!
Vision Driven Strategy : How does my business want to evolve over the coming year? Quarter? Today?
Evolutionary Leadership : Who do I become to hold capacity for this vision (and the next)?

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