Karen listened deeply for where my business is heading, and helped me have a bigger picture of how to manage the day-to-day tasks, placing them in the context of the larger vision. She saw opportunities for growth both in how I could expand my client base, as well as stream-lining the process.

She has recommended helpful tools, and coached me in how to use them fully! I am feeling much more confident and at ease as I implement the systems she offered. She is a visionary map-maker, and as I’ve worked with her, I truly have enJOYed the ride!!

~ LK

Here’s the thing, if you’re finding yourself here, you know you’re ready for support. You wouldn’t have found me otherwise.
You’ve probably tried a lot of things, spent a few years and a few dollars following all the experts on various coaching and courses. Which means? You’ve grown your business, but you’re at the point where you’re threatening to quit if the experts are right about needing to do it their way.

I get it. I’ve been there, and all of my clients have been there too.

The deal here? You’ve been growing one thing at a time in your business. A list. A facebook following. A practice. A course. The signature talk. The program progression.

The courses and niched experts will only get you so far. They can’t see the forest through their own, unique niche tree.

The problem is fragmentation. You need integrated guidance.

What would it be like to find an ally who sees both
the business capacity AND the personal
evolution growing hand-in-hand?

Well, you’ll have to tell me. Because that is exactly what you’ve found.

Here at the intersection of soul expression with business we look at two parallel “tracks” of development:

  • Your purpose, both for yourself and your business strategically
  • Your business processes including marketing, monetization, and mechanics

We’re taking an ecosystem view of how your business model operates – or should – and prioritize initiatives to maximize your ROI and free your time, energy, and attention.

Choose the best match for YOU…

Where is your business strategy out of alignment with your soul?

What tools and systems best fit the way you’re designed?

How do I improve coordination and communication within my team?

Who do I become to hold capacity for this vision (and the next)?

Specific programs and packages are designed to meet you right where you are – and develop your evolutionary plan to scale to your next level sustainably!

Not sure the best fit for you? Let’s find out!

Click to schedule your free Conscious Evolution Consultation!


(That was easy, wasn’t it?!?)