Every time you go in to “do” something in your business, start documenting your steps.

First, and especially for things you do only occasionally, it means you don’t have to remember the steps or figure them out again every time you return.  You’re creating your own task-based manuals—not everything that could be done, but how to get done the specific thing you want done!

Second, these documents form the foundation of the procedures when you bring your team on board.

Finally, and something I realized only recently, if I were to get hit by a bus, these procedures would allow my children to continue the business income stream.

Document everything you touch

Processes you can start capturing:

  • Blog posting
  • Autoresponder creation and sequencing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social media (even if it’s just your philosophy for now)
  • Lead processing and prospecting (what you do with business cards)
  • Client session notes and recordings
  • Event checklists

You can make your numbered list of steps in a document or an Evernote notebook. Do a screen capture and annotate where to look in each step with a circle.

Or simpler yet, just turn on zoom and record it for yourself! It’s a great (GREAT!) start, and it just piggybacks onto stuff you’re doing anyway right now. Here, I’ll show you how!

Zoom Yourself

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