Calendar management brings us face-to-face with our relationship with Time. Just like a money mindset, your time mindset can unconsciously sabotage everything you do.

While my time mindset course is still in the works, I want to share this quick shift with you to ease the way time shows up for you.

If you’re like most of my right-brain clients, trying to get everything you have to – and want to – do onto your calendar makes it a chaotic mess you don’t even want to look at.

Some events are “must” and fixed.

Some are more flexible.

And some are flat-out “if I have nothing better to do.”

Integrating with a scheduling program like ScheduleOnce or Calendly for clients and partners makes it even more complex. That program is going to “look at” your calendar, and you might not want to shut out a potential collaboration because there’s a wine tasting that afternoon!

So here’s a quick hack: most calendar programs allow you to have multiple calendars or “layers.”

You synchronize your scheduling program with the “layer” that holds your must-attend events.

When you’re in the thick of things, hide the just-for-fun layer.

Here, let me just show you how in this video!

P.S. if you want recommendations for calendars and scheduling apps, drop me a line. I’ve personally shopped them and can give you a run-down.

Layer Your Calendar

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