What if you reclaim your connection to yourself FIRST,
and give to your day from the overflow?

Waking up to a flurry of “already behind” and vigilance for where to start fire-fighting mode throws off your connection to yourself for the whole day.

Several of my top clients found they randomly did – or forgot – what they already knew was in their best interest. And when you’re off kilter, you can’t really be on purpose.

I had a “poster” for myself on the front of my journal to remind me that once I’m caffeinated, I get the best of myself first. For my clients, I created a playful gameboard for them to design their transition into wakefulness with intention and self-nurturing. And now I want to share it with you.

How consciously can you set yourself up for success? Begin with self-leadership. And keep it fun and playful!
Prepare to nurture your sweet, still-sleepy self with a delightful morning start reminder poster that you have lovingly created:
  • Body – specifically what activities help to ground and energize your vitality each morning?
  • Mind – where can you start your day with good, nutritious thoughts?
  • Heart – what do you want to do to engage your highest loving and joy each day?
  • Spirit – how do you want to bring your full attention to Presence and receive your daily guidance?

Bring your attention to your self-connection first, and grounded in that you can give your gift more fully Рand more sustainably.  Flowing into a full day of contributing at your highest begins with intention. Make yours clear.

Custom Morning Ritual

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