Karen Fritz, your Purposetivity Partner

I just happen to have the capacity be completely at ease in chaos, and a gift for seeing patterns and order. And I bring that clarity to the surface for business owners just like you.

Having “graduated” from corporate management decades ago, I’ve already learned what it takes to keep a successful entrepreneurial venture running smoothly. With dual backgrounds in tech and psych, I “get” what you’re building, the most streamlined way to get there, and how to communicate it so YOU can succeed. And breathe.

Let’s do this!

Vision and Values

In alignment with a vision to create a consciously evolving economy to innovate sustainable solutions that bring more joy, passion, and aliveness to the world, our role or mission is to engage transformational business leaders to focus on meaningful action.

In pursuit of this, our values are:

  • Business as a Force for Good
    • To see each client’s unique expression in the realm of business contributing to the overall upliftment of the planet and its people.
    • To celebrate business as a transformational path of personal, social, and environmental change. Business is Love made manifest.
    • Business is an evolutionary process. To value innovation and experiments to create novel solutions for unique people. Prototype and adapt is a way of life.
  • Delighting My Clients
    • To be blessed with clients who are my most important stakeholders and the lifeblood of my business. Only by serving clients first do I have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of my other stakeholders.
    • By committing to authentic relationships and communications, I serve my clients competently, efficiently, with inspiration and flair.
    • To offer meaningful value by providing efficient, functional solutions and wise counsel at a fair price.
    • To earn profits through voluntary exchange with customers. I recognize that profits are essential to creating capital for growth, shared prosperity, and lifestyle satisfaction.
    • To generate greater success for all stakeholders by providing education on conscious business practices and lifestyle. I create online and in-person experiences that are inviting, inspiring, and activating.
  • Sustainability
    • To honor nature at every turn of the business. To recycle, reuse, and reduce waste wherever and whenever possible.
    • To recognize my responsibility to be active participant in my local communities. We give a minimum of 5% of our profits every year to a variety of community and non-profit organizations.
    • My partners are allies in serving our stakeholders. I treat them with respect, fairness and integrity at all times and expect the same in return.
    • To embrace the importance of self-care to maintain my own health and energy in order to be a role model in business and life. I nourish myself for finance and fulfillment.