Are you feeling…

  • Stuck slogging through business overhead?
  • Frazzled keeping up with last minute deliveries?
  • Confused by overwhelming technical details?
  • Unsure how to prioritize what to do first?
  • Trapped between conflicting blueprints and formulas?
  • Fear that things are slipping out of control in ways you don’t even know?
  • Ready to delegate, but not sure what or how?

Let’s Just Stop That NOW

I know talking about processes and systems isn’t as sexy as “get more clients” but why learn more generation techniques if you can’t handle ’em once you’ve got ’em??

And what do you do with all the conflicting stuff you HAVE learned in those seminars?

And when are you going to have the time and energy to give your attention to CREATING the next evolution of your business?

What if the PROCESS of business were as enjoyable as your craft?

Imagine a visual overview of where you are and where you want to go and a customized step-by-step map to get you there — with your sanity intact?



Where you actually have MORE energy to give to your creation and contribution in the world!

How much time and money are you wasting, spinning in busy or just bailing and avoiding the whole situation?

What happens as your stress goes up – to your health? to your family? to your business relationships?


“Karen Fritz is my savior! As a highly creative entrepreneur I rarely think in a straight line. Even still, I managed to grow my business to multiple six-figures with next to NO systems or processes in place to actually run it; at least not ones that really worked. From our very first meeting, Karen took the jumbled mess in my head and magically transformed it into half-a-dozen core processes to manage our prospect inquiries, speaking requests and client management. She has created systems that will grow along with the continued growth of Divine Navigation. She has totally changed my world and my business!
~ Ronda Wada

Reclaim Your Attention

Stop being reactive to every request or rehearsing your to-do list. That takes your attention away from your clients.
You know you can save time and money and your life-energy when you:

  • Know precisely what’s up next, where it leads, and why it matters.
  • Evolve your business model consciously and smoothly.
  • Track your progress with a dashboard perfect for your style.
  • Manage business objectives with clarity and grace.
  • Ensure every team member you bring on board is successful in supporting you.

Aligning your business model and evolving your processes and systems adds massive value to your business,
especially when you want to bring on team members or look at your exit strategy.