Run Your Business with Purposetivity:
Be Productively On Purpose!

Providing established coaches and creatives with streamlined processes and systems
so you can be productive in your purpose without limiting your divine inspiration

I have the soul of an artist and business itself is my canvas. I custom-architect the intersection of soul expression with business – marketing, monetization, and mechanics – then design automation and delegation to let you focus on your gift and purpose.



Clarity and Simplicity

(Done With You)

Strategy and Sequencing 

(Done For You)

Architect and Automate

For the start-up, right brain entrepreneur who is starting to build your tribe and fill your practice, and wants to do it right from the ground up!Want to have the specific tools and order to implement in a custom strategy for your business?

Let me create your own “infographic” of your business model that supports you in loving your business, making your difference, and sustaining yourself. Then I’ll report back with a visual roadmap of build-out sequence and how to order the steps.

For the entrepreneur who doesn’t have time or interest to shop the tools or prioritize the steps, and wants to do it right from the ground up!You know you need to get to the other side of this hurdle. But you’re still trying to run your business. You’re still trying to do all the things you normally do. Why not let me oversee your team to get this implemented?Have systems in place that run so smoothly you free up your creative energy to generate more business. Cohesive and harmonious team interactions. Not only know what to do but actually get it done

Let me take the mystery out of smooth operations so you can trust what’s going on behind the scenes!

For the established entrepreneur who has gotten the team and online stuff rolling, but secretly spends too much time running the back office herself.

It’s time to transform the shaky systems that got you this far into a solid foundation to move forward.

 How much time and money are you wasting, spinning in busy or just bailing and avoiding the whole situation?

What happens as your stress goes up – to your health? to your family? to your business relationships?


“Karen Fritz is my savior! As a highly creative entrepreneur I rarely think in a straight line. Even still, I managed to grow my business to multiple six-figures with next to NO systems or processes in place to actually run it; at least not ones that really worked. From our very first meeting, Karen took the jumbled mess in my head and magically transformed it into half-a-dozen core processes to manage our prospect inquiries, speaking requests and client management. She has created systems that will grow along with the continued growth of Divine Navigation. She has totally changed my world and my business!
~ Ronda Renee of