Run Your Business with Purposetivity:
Be Productive On Your Purpose!

Providing established coaches and creatives with streamlined processes and systems so you can be productive in your purpose without limiting your divine inspiration

The outcome of working with me
is to get your YOU back!

Get out of overwhelm and into clarity and sanity.

So that you can get your life back, try new biz ideas, grow, expand your impact and income.

So that you can get your life back. Breathe, travel. Remember how to laugh. Rest. Garden, grow, create.

Know you’ll be OK if you turn it off for a bit!

The mission, should you choose to accept it?  To scale your business consciously and equally by evolving yourself, systems, and strategy.

What if you had an ally who could come in behind the scenes and see what needs to shift, then get that in motion without upsetting the apple cart of what you’re delivering today, so every tomorrow shows up smoother and smoother?

What kind of tomorrow could we create together?

Have you created a franken-biz that is eating you whole?

Historical bubblegum-and-baling-wire holding your solution in tenuous fragile functionality… cobbled together to get the job done as best you knew how at the time, but now you don’t have time to go back and figure out how to do it right, so your whole foundation is wobbly and every new piece risks tumbling the whole thing to the ground…

Symptoms you might see…

  • Spending every friggin’ minute doing mechanical stuff and it’s never enough
  • Every waking breath caring for the beast you’ve created and it’s still never enough
  • Squeezing in responses between bites eaten in front of the screen
  • Guiltily messaging from the stands rather than watching your kid’s last home game

What is it going to take to break free?

I can help.

I’m the other set of eyes that can see your blind spots, revamp the flow to eliminate friction and energy leaks. And that new flow aligns your unique gifts with your ideal clients in your next evolutionary step.

I’ll lead you through

  • Shedding the skin of marketing and monetization delivery methods you’ve outgrown now
  • Transitioning smoothly into streamlined systems designed to support who you truly are
  • And claiming the lifestyle your business is truly meant to deliver for you!

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?

I have the magic key to the whole puzzle.

That key is you – the way your soul designed your body-mind-heart as seen thru specific lenses allows me to look at all the patterns of strategies and systems out there and pluck the combination uniquely aligned for you, your purpose, and your people. Then lead you and your team phase by phase thru rolling out the next evolution of your business in a way that maximizes income and minimizes chaos.

That’s evolutionary business
design and development in a nutshell.

“Karen Fritz is my savior! As a highly creative entrepreneur I rarely think in a straight line. Even still, I managed to grow my business to multiple six-figures with next to NO systems or processes in place to actually run it; at least not ones that really worked. From our very first meeting, Karen took the jumbled mess in my head and magically transformed it into half-a-dozen core processes to manage our prospect inquiries, speaking requests and client management. She has created systems that will grow along with the continued growth of Divine Navigation. She has totally changed my world and my business!
~ Ronda Renee of